Component: People and Economic Activity

Question 3

Written Paper Section I Question 3 - 2001 HSC

Definition of the geographical term sustainability

Question 5

Written Paper Section I Question 5 - 2011 HSC

Countries in the developing in order of GPD

Question 18

Written Paper Section II Question 18 - 2001 HSC

(a) Use the sources to identify two human activities that may place the Avon–Heathcote Estuary at risk. (b) Identify a management strategy currently used in this estuary and evaluate its likely success in terms of the ecological sustainability of this ecosystem. (c) State two important questions that a geographer could ask to determine the validity and reliability of the information in the ‘Selected Bird Numbers’ source.

Question 23

Written Paper Section II Question 23 - 2011 HSC

(a) Explain how changing use of technology has influenced an economic activity. (b) Discuss the statement 'Local economic enterprises can no longer operate in isolation. Linkages and flows change significantly over time', for a local economic enterprise.