Component: Option: Transaction Processing Systems

Question 25

Written Paper Section III Question 25 - 2010 HSC

Describe RFID tag and the use of transmission logs in TPS. Identify characteristics of real-time processing and where batch-processing is the best solution. Construct a data flow diagram for the subsystem. Describe the collecting and storing/retrieving processes for the scenario. Predict a future application of the technology, considering security and changing nature of work.

Question 25

Written Paper Section III Question 25 - 2002 HSC

Define batch processing and describe a situation where it is appropriate. Distinguish between data accuracy and data integrity. Draw a dataflow diagram for a scenario, showing external entities and data stores. Discuss back-up procedures for the system. Describe and analyse an on-line ticketing system in terms of collecting; storage and retrieval; and processing. Note: 'Data accuracy' has been replaced with 'data quality' in the current syllabus.

Question 25

Written Paper Section III Question 25 - 2001 HSC

Discuss the advantages of a specific backup procedure and explain why alternative procedures for transactions should be tested periodically to cope with computer failure. Propose and justify modifications of a specified website and discuss potential issues. Critically analyse issues arising from a new on-line banking facility.