Module: Physics skills

Question 16

Section I Question 16 - 2002 HSC

For an experiment to determine the acceleration due to gravity using a simple pendulum, (a) Outline TWO changes that could be made to the experimental procedure to improve its accuracy, (b) Compare two students' methods of calculating g and identify the better approach, (c) Calculate the value of g from the line of best fit on a graph.

Question 20

Section I Question 20 - 2002 HSC

Using activities carried out in a boat on a large, calm lake and the observed results for each activity, justify the conclusion that: ‘The boat can be regarded as an inertial frame of reference’.

Question 24-26

Written Paper Section I Question 24-26 - 2001 HSC

Q24. Describe one way in which an understanding of crystal structure has impacted on science. Outline the methods of X-ray diffraction used by the Braggs to determine the structure of crystals. Q25. Graph the results of measurements of frequency of incident radiation and photoelectron energy taken in an experiment on the photoelectric effect, including the line of best fit. Explain how the reliability of the experiment could be improved. Q26. In the context of semiconductors, explain the concept of electrons and holes.