Components: Social and Cultural Continuity and Change

Question 1

Section I Question 1 - 2010 HSC

A concept demonstrated by the beliefs, customs, values, laws and arts generated and used by groups

Question 2

Section I Question 2 - 2010 HSC

An example of an interaction in the micro world

Question 3

Section I Question 3 - 2010 HSC

Correct sequence when undertaking social research

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Question 4

Section I Question 4 - 2001 HSC

Identify an example of change on the nature of traditional society and culture in a country you have studied. Describe the impact of the change and evaluate the implications for the future.

Question 5

Section I Question 5 - 2010 HSC

Question type

Question 6

Section I Question 6 - 2010 HSC

Definition of the concept of empowerment

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Question 7

Section I Question 7 - 2010 HSC

A characteristic of quantitative methodology used by researchers

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Question 9

Section I Question 9 - 2010 HSC

Concept best described by the statement 'Significant alteration of social structure and cultural patterns through time.

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Question 10

Section I Question 10 - 2010 HSC

An example of action research