Component: Option: The Software Developer's View of the hardware

Question 23

Written Paper Section III Question 23 - 2003 HSC

a) Compare and contrast a custom-designed solution with an off-the-shelf solution. b) Describe hardware and software development that have made open source development possible and discuss the project management issues that may arise from using this approach. c) Understand registers in a CPU structure and identify an accumulator, the hexadecimal value in a specific memory location, a decimal value in a register and create some code to multiply two numbers in specified memory locations.

Question 25

Written Paper Section III Question 25 - 2003 HSC

(a) Explain how a fraction is represented in single precision floating point binary representation. Convert a decimal number to a hexadecimal number. Using four-bit binary representation and two's complement to perform a subtraction. (b) Describe the function of a flip-flop and explain how it achieves its purpose. Draw a truth table for the AND gate and a flowchart to describe the logic of an OR gate. (c) Compare and contrast the data stream sent from the scanner to the central computer with the data stream that would be sent from the central computer to the door in the scenario.

Question 25

Written Paper Section III Question 25 - 2002 HSC

Draw a truth table for a half-adder circuit. Describe how to construct a full adder. (b) Describe the differences between integer representation and floating point representation of numbers. (c) Describe the exact movement of the data stream sequence. Calculate the remainder used as the checksum for this data stream. Write a structured algorithm that extracts the movement of data from the input data stream and move the car accordingly using pseudocode.