Band 2/3 and 1/2

Module: From Ideas to Implementation

Module: Motors and Generators

Question 27

Section I Question 27 - 2002 HSC

Discuss how energy savings can be achieved by the use of superconductors in the areas of electricity generation and transmission, and transportation.

Module: Space

Question 19

Section I Question 19 - 2002 HSC

Using one of Einstein’s famous thought experiments in which a train passes through a station at 60% of the speed of light; (a) Compare the velocity of a light beam as seen by a passenger on the train and a rail worker standing on the station platform. (b) Calculate the length of the carriage as observed by the railworker on the station platform if the passenger calculates the length as 22 m.

Question 21

Section I Question 21 - 2002 HSC

(a) If a cannon with a length of 215 m fires a capsule that achieves a speed of 1.06 × 104 ms−1 as it leaves the cannon, calculate the magnitude of the acceleration required. (b) Explain why this method is unsuitable for sending a living person to the moon.