Component: Blueprint of Life

Question 1

Section I Question 1 - 2010 HSC

Evidence supporting the theory of evolution

Question 1

Section I Question 1 - 2002 HSC

Determination of genotype of garden pea parents, given that 50% of offspring are short

Question 2

Section I Question 2 - 2010 HSC

Method used by Rosalind Franklin during her investigations of the structure of DNA

Question 5

Section I Question 5 - 2010 HSC

Role of the gamete in sexual reproduction

Question 5

Section I Question 5 - 2002 HSC

Table of results showing effect of ultraviolet radiation on antibiotic resistance in a strain of bacteria

Question 6

Section I Question 6 - 2001 HSC

Explanation of why a variety of smaller marsupials has replaced Australian megafauna

Question 7

Section I Question 7 - 2001 HSC

Consequence of a mutation that produces a dominant allele

Question 8

Section I Question 8 - 2001 HSC

Reason for modifying the one gene-one protein hypothesis to one gene-one polypeptide hypothesis

Question 9

Section I Question 9 - 2001 HSC

Identification of an individual's genotype using the family's pattern of inheritance for haemophilia

Question 10

Section I Question 10 - 2001 HSC

Genotypes produced during meiosis which includes crossing-over and random segregation of homologous chromosomes

Question 11

Section I Question 11 - 2010 HSC

Effect of widespread use of artificial insemination on genetic variation in a population

Question 11

Section I Question 11 - 2002 HSC

Mechanism of inheritance for polycystic kidney disease in a family

Question 13

Section I Question 13 - 2010 HSC

Correct order of processes involved in replication of DNA

Question 13

Section I Question 13 - 2002 HSC

Description of the process of hybridisation frequently used in agriculture

Question 14

Section I Question 14 - 2010 HSC

Determination of type of inheritance shown in a pedigree diagram

Question 14

Section I Question 14 - 2002 HSC

Technique to measure extent of evolutionary relationship between animals

Question 15

Section I Question 15 - 2010 HSC

Reason for change in leaf size as a rainforest vine grows to the top of a tree

Question 15

Section I Question 15 - 2002 HSC

Step in DNA replication and protein production in which a mutation would lead to the formation of a new allele

Question 16

Section I Question 16 - 2010 HSC

Sequence of events after DNA is subjected to radiation

Question 19-21

Section I Question 19-21 - 2001 HSC

19. Procedure followed in a first-hand investion, including safe work practices. 20. Table showing responses of an ectothermic and an endothermic animal to temperature changes. 21. Contribution of two scientists from a list to the understanding of the chromosomal nature of inheritance.

Question 22-24

Section I Question 22-24 - 2001 HSC

22a. Effect of cloning on the genetic diversity of a species. 22b. Evolutionary effects of a disease entering an endangered population with some cloned individuals. 23. Explanation of historical practices to increase immunity against smallpox. 24. Relationship between a cause and a symptom of a non-infectious disease.

Question 25-28

Section I Question 25-28 - 2001 HSC

25. Possible future effects of the widespread use of antibiotics on the spread of disease. 26. Reason for taking immune suppressing drugs following an organ transplant and consequence for patients. 27. Assessment of a statement's validity using graphical data. 28. Impact of scientific understanding and technology on developments in reproductive technologies.