Component: Basic arithmetic and algebra

Question 3

Written Paper Section I Question 3 - 2001 HSC

Evaluate a definite integral. Find the value of a constant in a formula and apply the formula. Differentiate functions. Verify a given equation for a triangle by using the cosine rule, and hence an unknown side-length of the triangle.

Question 4

Written Paper Section I Question 4 - 2002 HSC

Solve and graph an absolute value inequation. Solve a simple trigonometric equation for a specified range. Calculate the length of a side and the area of a given triangle. Show that a given pair of coordinates represents the point of intersection of two curves. Find the size of the shaded area bounded by the two curves.

Question 7

Written Paper Section I Question 7 - 2002 HSC

Explain why a given geometric series has a limiting sum and find the limiting sum. Given a formula for a quantity in terms of time, find the initial amount of the quantity, when a quarter is left, and the rate of change when a quarter is left. Explain a given probability and find other probabilities, including in relation to complementary events.