Component: Real functions

Question 4

Written Paper Section I Question 4 - 2002 HSC

Solve and graph an absolute value inequation. Solve a simple trigonometric equation for a specified range. Calculate the length of a side and the area of a given triangle. Show that a given pair of coordinates represents the point of intersection of two curves. Find the size of the shaded area bounded by the two curves.

Question 5

Written Paper Section I Question 5 - 2001 HSC

State the domain and range of a given function. Solve numerical problems involving logarithms. Find the length of the radius of a given sector. Calculate the area of a given cross-section using the trapezoidal rule, and the approximate volume of water that flows past this section.

Question 6

Written Paper Section I Question 6 - 2002 HSC

Sketch a function representing a semi-circle and state the range of the function. Given the gradient function of a curve, determine the equation of the curve. Sketch the curve, labelling turning points and the y-intercept. Determine for what values of the independent variable x the curve is concave up. Calculate the volume of a container formed by rotating part of a given curve.