Question 31

Summary: (a) Describe Davisson and Germer’s experiment to confirm de Broglie's hypothesis of wave-particle duality. Explain the stability of the electron orbits in the Bohr atom, using de Broglie’s hypothesis. (b) Identify who suggested that the existence of the neutrino relates to the energy distribution of electrons emitted in β-decay. Assuming that the neutrino is massless, calculate the mass defect in the β-decay of a given isotope. Account for the energy distribution of electrons emitted in this β-decay. (c) Explain how the Balmer Series provides evidence in support of Bohr’s model of the hydrogen atom. Given a diagram of the Balmer Series, calculate the wavelength of the next line in the Series. (d) Discuss how neutron scattering and another process have increased understanding of the structure of matter.