Component: Option - Industrial Chemistry

Question 28

Written Paper Section I Question 28 - 2002 HSC

(a) Define saponification and account for the cleaning action of soap. (b) Calculate the equilibrium constant for a reaction used to form sulfuric acid. (c) Describe the reaction when sulfuric acid is added to water; using equations, describe the use of sulfuric acid as an oxidising agent, a dehydrating agent and as a means of precipitating sulfates. (d) Outline a procedure to investigate an equilibrium reaction; explain how the reaction can be analysed quantitively. (e) Evaluate changes in the industrial production methods for sodium hydroxide.

Question 32

Written Paper Section II Question 32 - 2010 HSC

(a) Identification of one type of cell used in the extraction of sodium hydroxide. (b) Comparison of the electrolysis of molten sodium chloride and aqueous sodium chloride. (c) Graphical analysis of a system approaching equilibrium. (d) Process of saponification and specific safety precautions in a school laboratory. (e) Importance and environmental impacts of using limestone in the Solvay Process.