Band 3/4

Component: Experience Through Language

Question 1

Paper 2 Section I Question 1 - 2002 HSC

Analyse the ways stories are told, referring to at least two of: uses and conventions of narrative; the ways in which elements of narration promote involvement; how narrative reveals relationships.

Question 1(a) George Orwell, Animal Farm

Paper 2 Section I Question 1(a) - 2001 HSC

Tell the story of the rebellion on Manor Farm from Farmer Jones' point of view. The audience is a group of farmers at the Red Lion.

Component: Language Study within an Area of Study

Question 1

Paper 1 Section I Question 1 - 2002 HSC

Read three texts: a magazine article; a website page; and reviews and facts about a film. Answer questions about the content; purpose; language, images and layout. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on the increasing popularity of adventure activities.

Question 1

Paper 1 Section I Question 1 - 2001 HSC

Read diary extracts about a school trip to the Kimberley area of north-west Australia. Answer questions about the content, language features and language techniques. Compare the language features of two diary entries and analyse how the features present a change in perspective.

Question 2

Paper 1 Section I Question 2 - 2001 HSC

Read three texts (an advertisement, an evaluative comment and a cartoon) showing different perspectives on travel. (a) Name one perspective and explain how the language and layout shape the perspective. (b) Explain how different perspectives on travel are communicated. (c) Write a short article for your student magazine recommending one of the travel experiences.

Component: Listening

Question 1-6

Listening Section I Question 1-6 - 2001 HSC

Listen to a radio interview and answer questions about: descriptive language; tone of the conversation; content; purposes; and language techniques used to interest the audience.

Question 1-7

Listening Section I Question 1-7 - 2002 HSC

Listen to a radio program and answer questions about: content; purpose; opinions expressed; reason for the interviews; a sound effect; a language feature; analysis of audience engagement.

Component: Texts and Society

Question 3

Paper 2 Section II Question 3 - 2002 HSC

Write a letter from the Coordinator of Youth Activities at Big Mountain Ski Resort to Excursion Coordinators in high schools. The purpose of your letter is to attract school groups to your resort.

Question 3

Paper 2 Section II Question 3 - 2001 HSC

Write the text for a speech to persuade fellow students to volunteer with you to clean up Rocky Creek Reserve. The speech will be approximately 5 minutes long and will be given at your next school assembly.

Question 4

Paper 2 Section II Question 4 - 2002 HSC

Write the text for an oral presentation to a small group of students at their Year 11 Study Day. Explain at least three useful learning strategies for study in the senior years of school.