Component: Groups in Context

Question 1

Section I Question 1 - 2002 HSC

Factor that has the greatest effect on the employment opportunities for indigenous people

Question 1

Section I Question 1 - 2001 HSC

Most effective strategy for a group of young people to increase the range of recreational facilities in their local area

Question 2

Section I Question 2 - 2002 HSC

Migrant categories that have similar success in finding employment - using the data shown in a table

Question 4

Section I Question 4 - 2002 HSC

Main reasons for homelessness among women

Question 4

Section I Question 4 - 2001 HSC

Most effective approach for a Year 11 student to manage feelings of sadness, irritability and poor concentration

Question 5

Section I Question 5 - 2002 HSC

Strategy to improve the long-term security, safety and esteem of an individual feeling unsafe due to possible discrimination by work colleagues

Question 5

Section I Question 5 - 2001 HSC

Statement regarding young people in Australia

Question 11-15

Section I Question 11-15 - 2002 HSC

Q11 Define 'social definition' when referring to community groups. Q12 Outline a community resource providing support for rural families experiencing financial hardship. Q13 Describe the primary and secondary sources that could be used in the local community to test the claim that sole parents are the largest group in Australia living in poverty. Q14 Explain how a researcher could ensure that survey data is reliable and without bias when investigating the reasons people take on primary caring roles. Q15 Evaluate a strategy a teenager could use to satisfy their social wellbeing while caring for a severely physicaly disabled parent.

Question 11-15

Section I Question 11-15 - 2001 HSC

Q11 Identify a special need for a chronically ill person and explain how it can be met. Q12 Explain an ethical guideline/procedure to follow when conducting qualitative research involving people who are chronically ill. Q13 Outline the sequence of steps to follow when conducting a research project. Q14 Account for the data in a pie graph showing sources of income of aged people. Q15 Describe strategies for parents managing multiple-role expectation arising from work and family commitments.

Question 16

Section I Question 16 - 2002 HSC

(a) Describe factors affecting access to services for the socioeconomically disadvantaged. (b) Compare two groups in terms of how their security and safety needs are met by housing. (c) Analyse government policy and community structures influences on societal attitudes towards two groups in the community.

Question 16

Section I Question 16 - 2001 HSC

(a) Describe how the location of resources can affect employment. (b) Define a group within the community, and explain the significance of health, financial support and sense of identify for the group. (c) Identify equity issues for two community groups and assess the effectiveness of management strategies used by government to address the issues.